Yves Hayat was born in Egypt. There, no doubt, were born the first aesthetic sensations, the first adhesions, the first refusals. In 1956, he discovered France and uprooting. For five years he will follow courses at the National School of Decorative Arts in Nice. From 1973, Yves Hayat turned to advertising, a profession in full creative effervescence. He will retain from this creative life the fascination for the image and the importance of the message.


These “Pub” years will also allow him to discover new technologies and to master his technique. In 1990, he returned to art. He rediscovers the great old masters. At the same time as his advertising life, he photographs people, the street, paintings in museums, collects images from magazines or the Internet that he carefully classifies. Because Hayat is an artist of his time. an open mind on the street, society, the media or the Internet.