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Serge Anezin is a plastic artist who has always devoted himself entirely to painting. He took the decorative arts course in Nice. He was, so to speak, noticed for his strong passion which he released at the time of his retirement. He is an authentic being and, to this end, an obvious fact appeared to him, namely the fact of showing his art. From then on, exhibitions, clashes, approval and comments from his peers were necessary to support this vocation too long contained by his professional life. His paintings are the most successful and the strongest. They sometimes reach a linear stripping in a very large chromaticism where yellows and blues are confronted and present.


Its design is refined and is located on several planes, thus giving a depth and a very studied perspective to the whole. His pictorial writing is sometimes abrupt and essential to his work. Thus, he does not bother with superficial elements which could only accentuate the existence of a complicated work. He is a painter of harmony, measure, balance. He never adhered to the practice of theories taken to their climax. The simultaneous agreement of the lines and the chromatic range chosen as simple as possible, frees the writing of a plastic artist who appears in a modern style, but totally attached to the Mediterranean region.



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