Like all those who have a vocation, Maurice Gérard ROBERT thinks early on of being a painter, but it is only after having followed the Fine Arts in Marseille, the evening classes of Diana in 1961-1962 that he begins to work seriously. During this period, he met Fauvism and Expressionism, CÉZANNE and the Provençal School, CHABAUD, Mathieu VERDILHAN, AUDIBERT. In search of shapes, volumes, rhythms and light, ROBERT paints on the motif, taking "nature as a source of exaltation and creation". Using pure colors, he outlines his shapes with a thick line to accentuate the luminous intensity. We can reproach him for taking up the experience of the masters who influenced him, notably in his contrasts of complementary, these chromatic effervescences which draw their origins from VLAMINCK and BRAQUE.


If he paints heavy barges, tugs, old cars, it is because he likes volumes. But this period of ease is coming to an end and ROBERT is too lucid not to evolve into an increasingly personal invoice. Finalist of the Pernod cimaise in 1971 and 1972, he obtained the second price of this cimaise in 1974. It has also been awarded several times and selected in regional exhibitions; Carry-le-Rouet, Sausset-les-Pins, Cavaillon, Gémenos, Allauch, Port-de-Bouc. We owe him the illustrations of the History of Allauch by Louis ARDISSONE and Emile EYNAUD (1975)


Text by H. BOURDET-GUILLERAULT extracted from the Dictionary of Painters-sculptors-engravers of Marseille and the region - Edition 1979.


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