Self-taught visual artist, Maryse MANIGLIER possesses the gestures and the chromatic range of our modern Provencal masters (Mandin, Ferrari etc ...). There is no reason to compare one artist to another. It is nonetheless true that the latter is in the great movement of the "Rive-Neuve" school, and can undoubtedly figure among its illustrious elders. It remains to this day in the direct line of these predecessors. A lineage that is difficult to wear, of course, but she seems to cultivate her passion and gives ease to her pictorial touch distributed in large flat areas, where the material is very present.


Maryse MANIGLIER gives us the vision of a well-structured, balanced work where the color treated on the support gives this pictorial magic which remains hers and which seduces the public. We can proclaim a will of the Marseille artist to evolve in a creativity that remains the result of his sensation. She wants to mark it with a resolutely feminist touch, where the semi-abstract bouquets release a talent that seems to spring from a great sensitivity and a lot of emotion.


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