Born in Normandy in 1948, Maryvonne POULAIN moved to Paris after her studies where she was first passionate about dance, classical and modern. A dramatic accident turned his life upside down. After a long hospital stay, she lost the use of her left leg. Forced to move in a wheelchair, she was forced to leave the capital and settled in the Var, at Monfort sur Argens. Self-taught, she gradually abandoned the brush for the knife, a technique more suited to her passionate soul. Animals, varied landscapes, vestiges of the past, scenes from everyday life constitute the palette of his subjects. Critic P. AMIEL says of Maryvonne POULAIN “She is obviously a talented artist.


Thanks to spontaneous body language and generous material, she shapes her subject with character and vitality. In her art, she shows a strong sense of structure. As a result, she arranges her creations with balance and power. Thanks to an elegant palette, full of smoothness, she declines diaphanous, even pastel tones, which give her painting a frank artistic dimension. As a good adopted Mediterranean that she is, she has also been able to immerse herself in the pictorial culture of the south by also offering bright colors in the fawn vein. It is certain that the painted work of this plastic artist has irrefutable qualities, guarantees of obvious durability. "