Grafi offers in her paintings her own vision of the world, with a unique and daring style, a mixture of abstraction, sometimes figurative, she engages in a personal research to transcribe her emotions through the play of materials with an impulsive and gestural writing . Colors mingle and shapes collide on the canvas.


Movement is at the very heart of the subject. All the themes lend themselves to this sensitive and dynamic approach. Grafi seems to find its true dimension in the physical-psychic expression of the creative movement. These works indeed reveal to us the calculated force of the gesture to pose its fiery forms, entangling, overlapping in a common direction, gathering in places to burst further and disperse on a background worked with dreams thus translating an interior universe. hectic. These creations illustrate the artist's wonderful passion for life and his creative work. Rhythmic and brilliant his emotionally charged work will not leave you indifferent.