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Born in Saint Raphaël, the azure of our beautiful coast, born in September 1951 My job is art, in all its forms, in all its possibilities. A dreamy, imaginative artist who is passionate about all artistic forms, I try to make the most of this gift that nature has given me. All materials, all techniques can be mixed, but always, with respect for harmony. In being awake and demanding, I reinvent in each act of creation, to tend towards my absolute: aesthetic emotion. My path goes from discoveries to experiments. Without any confinement of a technique or a support because for me there is a solution to everything. So I explore my two favorite themes which are nature and matter. I can thus go from the real to the imaginary by bringing in fragments of nature on the canvas:

I observe and I scrutinize the world while being aware of the abundance of life that surrounds me, I let myself be bewitched and fascinated by nature and all its emotions and I draw inspiration from them to restore them by creating the most spontaneously possible a work at the same pitch. After this creative impulse, I feel the need to share and discuss with all those who know how to see and who can revel in it if their emotional is in affinity.