Bernard Yves Faurobert was born in 1935 in Paris. His works are a mixture of surrealism and expressionism. Surrealism for inspiration and expressionism for form. His paintings materialize his feelings and allow him to express an intense inner life. But they also represent dreams. The experience of the author confronted very young with war and death, sometimes gives the reflection of “tortured” works, but all of them show through bright lights the hope that has never weakened. They represent the individual confronted with sometimes difficult life, death, his anxieties, loneliness and who finds refuge in unusual settings but always vast, calm and clear which always lead him towards hope. His paintings represent moments of life, between the search for what man is, what he would like to be and what he will be ... Only we come into the world, and only we will leave it, but having sought our spiritual path, our sensuality and above all showed our need to live ... I hope that this short presentation of the author will allow you to better understand his works and to appreciate them.