Éliane Di Ruocco has received awards throughout her career. A past master in the various techniques of watercolor, gouaches, inks and oils with a knife, the artist excels in his still lifes, seascapes, Provençal landscapes, portraits, nudes and many large to medium-format martégales views. Some of his secrets: "In order for the works to vibrate more, we must avoid lines that are too frank. Also, when my students start a painting, I always tell them to go to the essential by putting their motif in a frame. geometric, then build around this motif by adding colors. It is with enthusiasm that Éliane Di Ruocco explains her pictorial approach and the history of each of her paintings. “You have to be free in your painting”, in front of one of his watercolors with blue sunflowers “and why not blue sunflowers, if I like that that way?” She asks. A joy of living and sharing from a high-quality martégale artist!