Born in Brive-la-gaillarde (Corrèze) on Sunday January 26, 1941 at 12 noon of unknown father and mother (the remainder still to this day). The recognition by his mother will only take place a month after his arrival, he will always be in search of his roots, to such an extent that he considers himself to be "earthly" without any nationality. he devotes himself to volunteering and discovers all the beauty of Provence, all the richness of "mother nature" he practices digital photography to discover wonderful sites around the gulf. On the other hand, he does not recognize himself as a professional photographer but an amateur photographer because for him, he does not try to take a photo, he memorizes through the photo what the eye discovers - nothing more. Whether the weather is sunny or cloudy, whatever. He refuses to retouch a photo, believing that this work is not his responsibility as an amateur photographer. It only presents real images depicting beautiful things and ... less beautiful.