AGRASSO is a self-taught painter who divides his time between the Haut Var and Paris. His painting, non-realistic figurative, gives an important place to color, collages, fawn painting and mixed media. To date, the main theme explored by AGRASSO is the human figure and the female figure in particular.


This choice expresses a genuine interest in humans, their expressions, feelings, and interiority. But this theme is also and above all a pretext for research on colors, materials, overlays. AGRASSO generally works on medium format canvases with a predilection for the 80X100 format. His work combines drawing, collages, pastel and painting.


Although figurative, his paintings were initially conceived as abstract works. It is the relationship of shapes, colors, materials and spaces, more than the search for a resemblance or the elegance of a pause that constitutes the starting point of the painting. Then the painting takes a kind of autonomy and decides itself of a certain number of choices. ”


What I like about painting the human face is what emerges from it, which comes from the painter and yet escapes him; which reveals things to him about himself; what changes and which is transformed over the course of the creation of the painting. ”